💧Made in Italy💧 ✨Handcrafted✨

Seangolare realizes mostly technical garments and neoprene accessories for surfing and other surface water sports combining functionality and aesthetics. 

As many craftsmanships reality, "Seangolare" is born first of all in a childhood dream made by a girl named Cinzia Dell'Omo, born in Norma, a little town in the center of Italy, who started drawing clothing when she was in primary school. Growing up, Cinzia supported her passion with specifical studies and courses. She graduated at the High Fashion and Art Academy of the Costume Koefia in Rome. 
Meanwhile, she had many experiences as a costume designer in movies, television and theaterical productions.Subsequently she started working for Gucci celebrities office in Rome, arranging to adapt clothes to many body shapes of artists such as actors and singers for their television appearances, red carpets and press conferences. 

At the age of 30 Cinzia dicovered a strong passion for surfing, which shows her a new path: her strength and desire to pursue unique goals have led her to create technical clothing for surfists.After working for an year in a wetsuits factory, where she learned neoprene manufacturing tecniques, Cinzia has created Seangolare by mixing her high fashion experience with her neoprene wetsuits new knowledge. 

In 2016 she moved her young startup in Aprilia, where she spent her time and money making Seangolare bigger; Cinzia's determination is rewarded when she is selected for the assignment of "Bando per la Creatività" by Regione Lazio, a prize for the best creative idea, won for her "By the Sea" project that produces Seangolare brand. 

Speaking with her, you can immediately understand what she loves more about her job and wich is her main goal: like in the high fashion tailoring process, customization can make any product unique.


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