About us

Seangolare is your personal sea craft workshop. Here you can find the specific technical clothing for your needs, all made in Italy, fully customizable, to practice your favorite water sport: whether it's surfing, kite surfing or stand up paddle, up to swimming. We will assist you in choosing the wetsuit, swimsuit and accessories that are most suitable for you. We are born as an artisan start-up with a green heart: for this reason we only choose eco-sustainable fabrics and materials, we work on demand and we create every single item by hand. The most meticulous and careful care for maximum duration. Each Seangolare wetsuit is a unique work of art. Our entire work process is totally handcrafted, from design to packaging. You tell us your idea of wetsuit and we interpret it on paper by offering many options with detailed sketches. Once the design, materials, thicknesses and colors have been chosen, we move on to realization. The advantage of having a tailored wetsuit (as well as being more comfortable) is to reduce the tension on the seams as much as possible, making it as long-lasting and resistant as possible. Our pride? the customization. We love to create the maximum harmony with our customers: creating a custom design product means interpreting the tastes of those in front of you and above all listening to their needs. Seeing a happy and proud customer to wear our clothes is our greatest satisfaction.

Attention to the environment...

Garment production can be a difficult process especially when it comes to environmental impact. But doing our best to protect the precious resources of land, air and water is the most ethical choice to support. This is why we only use "oil free" neoprene for our wetsuits. In fact, it is based on Limestone, a sedimentary rock composed mostly of calcium carbonate, a better material than traditional neoprene since it is lighter, more resistant and more elastic. We also recently started using Yulex®, plant-based technology that offers excellent performance in terms of heat, comfort, elasticity and strength. Yulex® is a 100% natural rubber, extracted from Forest Stewardship Council certified trees, to ensure that the forest is managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and promotes the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring economic sustainability. Since the first surf suit of Seangolare, our goal has been to create exceptional garments that have more than one valid reason to exist. We therefore offer the repair service to extend the life of your wetsuit for as long as possible by keeping it away from landfills. We are committed to the use of the best materials and manufacturing processes in the fight for a more ethical fashion, which uses certified natural fibers, quality raw materials, biodegradable or recyclable, creating wetsuits whose duration goes beyond a single season, for a long life sportswear. Our company is a proud promoter and flag of ecological, ethical, fair trade, eco-sustainable and zero waste values.