Seangolare blog

Wild days and evenings with glitter shoes. Salted sunrises and necktie ties. We could continue indefinitely with the contradictions that unite us all. We seafarers, who would always like to be with their feet in the sand but we have a job in the office, factory or workshop. We are always ready to flee when "there is sea". This is our lifestyle and in this blog we tell you about the sea breeze around this world, with tailor's scissors and blacksmith's hammer in hand. Yes, because we too are full of fantastic contradictions! Here you will also find many curiosities about a theme that we care about: sustainable fashion, materials, supply chain and impact on nature.


Lifestyle and Tips

A real guide on technical sports clothing, from wetsuits to swimwear. Useful tips on how to choose the right products and how to take care of them. In addition, many curiosities and insights studied by us, for you!


Seangolare is You, in your own uniqueness! Discover our community, made up of people who, like you, love water sports and who have decided to describe on our blog what the sea, sport and nature represent for them!