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“ The sea is your mirror: you contemplate your soul. In the infinite unrolling of its billows”

Charles Baudelaire

Today we are talking about Chiara, a strong and dynamic woman, outgoing, emancipated, a courageous woman who is not afraid to get involved, so the sea is the very essence of her life.

Chiara was born in Latina in 1984 , and has lived in Milan since 2003. She attended a prestigious

university in Milan, graduated and entered the world of work. Spends a period in the United States and starts traveling. Chiara is open to change and new formation winds. The journey contains its very essence, the desire to get involved, discover new places, get to know yourself by relating to totally different cultures and people, abandon the fear of the unknown and embrace novelty. This is why during these years Chiara travels a lot, and in the journey she rediscovers her deepest bond with the sea and the passion for surfing in Bali.

Our ambassador will carry the Hawaii, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Bali, Morocco and Cape Town forever in the heart, the ecstasy of the lonely white beaches, the warm sand under bare feet, the footprints of seagulls, the scorching heat of the tropical sun and the refuge of the cool shade of palm trees, the fiery sunrise of Africa and the kaleidoscopic explosion of the Caribbean sunsets. All these experiences have made her a dynamic person and a lover of romantic life, in its many positive or negative aspects, a personality that embraces change as a new opportunity to evolve and improve. Being in the water for Chiara means feeling alive, in a world different from the earth.

Getting on her feet on the board driven by the powerful wave, with the hair in the wind, represent a highly emotional moment for her, letting herself be carried away by her own primordial sensations, almost a daydream, a moment of testing for the soul and the mind, enters into symbiosis with the sea. Stop her self even for an instant to savor the moment, enjoy the moment, free herself from the thought of what has been and what will come. She will never forget the first wave.

So Chiara gradually approaches surfing a few years ago in Bali. The first time on the table, in Ohau, Waikiki beach, not even a take off. But then comes ... that moment, the first moment standing on the board, enters her and never leaves her, is the embrace of the sea. On her flying carpet Chiara for a moment, for one infinitesimal moment, feels free, owner of the moment, owner of time, beauty, impetus and the power of nature, in symbiosis with the caresses of the wind, the pastel colors on the horizon, the fresh breeze on the warm skin ... there is only her, she and the board and even the world seems to stop for a few seconds: those that are enough to enjoy a moment that seems to last forever.

Chiara lets herself be lulled by the sweet sound of the majestic wave, she caresses it with her hands, she merges with water, sand, wind, Chiara becomes sea and that moment is an eternal moment for her. For this reason, when she travels he chases the perfect wave, chasing, especially in summer, the best destinations for surfing. Chiara embraces the philosophy of Seangolare because our brand is something unique for her, and wearing it makes her a proud ambassador of the values that ​​it brings with it, such as sustainability and respect for the natural environment that she lives in such a symbiotic way. For Chiara Seangolare is not a simple brand, but a lifestyle that makes her free, authentic, simply herself.

Gianluca Petracca


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