People who wear Seangolare: Francesca

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Today we are talking about Francesca, and her creativity, that matches perfectly with the sea and the freedom that is peculiar in surf.

Name: Francesca. 

Job: Visual Merchandiser.

Your Seangolare Products: Neoprene Socks

Describe yourself and your relationship with surf:  "My days are always in rush, I'm constantly looking for new trends and vanguards, that is how I feed my creativity and find inspiration. When you have to be always on top a lot of people think that the secret is in following trends in fashion and being part of glamorous events, but real inspiration came from the possibility of a free mind and feeling free deep down inside. I can only obtained that indulging on my real nature, that matches intimately with sea, water and waves. What a perfect life metaphor is surfing, to me is not only a sport, but a lifestyle. You can't dominate sea, you can only pander it.


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