Girls who wear Seangolare: Chiara

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Today we're talking about Chiara, who has always had a special relationship with the sea, made even stronger by her recent meeting with the surf.

Name: Chiara.

Job: SAP consultant (business management systems).

Your Seangolare Products:  neoprene socks. 

Describe yourself and your relationship with surf:  "I discovered surfing a few months ago and it was love right now. I am a girl full of energy, I do not stop for a moment, my life is a race between work, the gym and my passion for dancing. In the water I can finally relax, clear my mind from all the rest, and at that moment I am alone with myself, a feeling I had never felt before and this made me immediately addicted to surfing. I'm only at the beginning and I attend the Ostia Surf School, where I feel safe because the instructors watch the spot all the time. Whenever the conditions are good I go surfing to learn as fast as possible. The fun grows with every little progress and the feeling is priceless."


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