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“But true travellers leave to leave and that's it: light, balloon-like hearts that only chance moves eternally, always say: Let's go and they don't know why. Their wishes have the shapes of the clouds”

Charles Baudelaire

A light and free heart that of our Ambassador Marta, forged by travel, born from the wind and the sea. Marta is a strong, emancipated woman with a multifaceted talent: marine biologist, yoga expert, sailor and passionate skater, unfailing adventurer. The sea overwhelms her with its powerful waves from a very young age.

I've always been tied to the sea since I was little. I have always lived by the sea and spent summers on the beach or in ports. I've always been fascinated by it that it almost scared me. When thanks to my father at the age of 17 I conquered my fear of depth by starting scuba diving ... And here I am today I am a rescue diver, marine biologist and I work on boats".

A symbiotic love with water that has now led her to be a fantastic ocean professional. And like the inexorable flow of the current, its gypsy spirit never stops, making it a white board painted by the journey. Marta swims with whale sharks and giant manta rays in Madagascar and just before the world stopped due to the global pandemic, she steals time and flies to India for a spiritual journey that for her is life and rebirth. Traveling for our ambassador is openness to the unknown, the courage to get involved, to know oneself by contaminating oneself with new cultures, to rediscover one's emotions in front of breathtaking landscapes.

It will be going into the unknown, the knowledge of meeting new people, new cultures, the enthusiasm of seeing new landscapes that push me to do it often alone. I like challenges! Every great journey I take leaves me something and marks the way I am walking. Everyone is different and unique".

She celebrates her marriage with nature with every part of her essence from surfing to skateboarding, from travel to work as a marine biologist, but even more so, Marta, practicing yoga every day, perceives the embrace of the Earth, listens to its breathe and reconnect her deepest self to it.

Seangolare for Marta is nature, craftsmanship, travel, land and sea, it is the representation of her own most intimate essence. For this reason, she wears it proudly, hoisting it as the flag of her own philosophy. Seangolare is Marta and all those women who, like her, embrace life and let themselves be abandoned to the breath of the sea and the wind, enjoying every single, infinitesimal emotion that all this can give them.

Gianluca Petracca


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