Seangolare babes: Barby

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Today we're talking about Barbara, a tenacious girl... water is her element, she can't live without it... that's why they call her "dolphin"!

Name: Barbara

Job: Nutrition Biologist, agonistic swim coach

Your Seangolare Products: Onepiece rashguard, sport bikini, neoprene bikini, beanie, sport fuseaux

Describe yourself and your relationship with surf: "I love swim and I have practiced it from a long time... surf became my passion, my everything, my lifestyle. I'm always looking for the wave... inside me the way to the surf spot has always something magical: the sensation of reaching the sea, wandering wich wave I'll find, looking at the flags and understand the wind direction. I know that for some time the water will be my element and I have the hope that the right mix of wind and tide will let me find the right wave. I love skate too (Carver), that allowes me to train even if I don't surf." 


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